Financial Framings introduces how personal financial decisions impact the broader economy.

Financial Framings helps youth frame their own financial decisions within the local & global economies, covering topics such as scarcity and interest rates.

This is taught in two levels:

Introductory Lesson
'The Flow of Your Money' teaches participants about the evolution of currency, the economy, and the circular flow of money.
'Factors of Influence' covers personal and economic situations that can affect the circular flow of money, preparing participants to engage in Level 2.
The Financial Framings introductory lesson can be taught in 1-2 hours.
Economic Scenario Cards

This educator-led activity helps participants frame their own personal financial decisions within the larger local and global economies. Scenario cards are used to apply Level 1 lessons to the Circular Flow of Money chart. Level 2 offers delivery flexibility, allowing for differences in teaching style and class schedule. Topics include:

Looking for materials?
All of our Financial Framings materials are available for download. Pick and choose what you need.

Full-Service Approach to Program Delivery

State Education Standards

Curriculum meets state standards and is designed using national best practices.

Trained Volunteer Presenters

Industry professionals are trained to teach engaging lessons and activities from Step 2 programming. These presenters can truly connect with youth by delivering a relevant program.

No-Cost Learning Materials

Participants are provided a resource guide filled with valuable financial lessons to use during sessions and to take home for continued learning and application. All materials are provided at no cost to schools or participants.

Simple Registration

Schools and community groups schedule programming online to fit their needs. Financial Beginnings takes care of the rest.

The Financial Framings program covers four important topics, usually broken into four 1-hour sessions, which can be scheduled to fit each teacher's needs. In addition to financial education, students are left with a message of responsibility and a solid footing for a bright financial future.

What We Provide

We provide all students with a copy of the curriculum and all necessary supplemental materials, which will be sent to the school directly, prior to the program. It is our job to make teachers' work easier; we handle all the details and offer a program that enhances the standards-based math and life-skills teachers are already teaching.