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School Partners

We are excited to partner with schools and nonprofits across Nebraska to deliver free financial education. Our programs complement existing school subjects such as economics, math, or social studies. They also work great as standalone programs. Financial Beginnings' programs are delivered in a way that fits in with your classroom schedule! For more information or to schedule your school or community organization, please check out our programs, schedule a class or contact us!

Douglas County

  • Ashland Park Robbins Elementary
  • Crestridge Magnet Center
  • Harrison Elementary School
  • Loveland Elementary School
  • Northwest High Magnet School
  • Omaha Street School

Hall County

  • Walnut Middle School

Post Secondary

  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Metropolitan Community College

"I learned that financial goals are a good thing for people to have. I made a short-term goal of getting a new car once I graduate and a long-term goal of owning a home." - Student Participant